diagram of an ear

The ears are only a small part of our body, but they play a big role in how we live. The ears are made up of three parts: the inner ear, the middle ear, and the outer ear. All of these parts work together to allow us to hear properly.

The outer ear is called the auricle or the pinna, and it is the part that we see on each side of your head. The next part is called the middle ear which has 3 parts: an ear canal, a eardrum, and 3 bones. These all lead to the inner ear which has a part called the cochlea that helps us hear sounds.

Sound enters the outer ear, which catches all types of sounds. Then it goes through the ear canal to hit the eardrum that is in your middle ear. There, sound waves are turned into vibrations that hit three bones called malleus, incus and stapes. These are very sensitive parts of your body.

The ossicle bones let sound vibrations go into the cochlea. The liquid in the cochlea makes it move, and the tiny hairs in the cochlea make electric impulses that your brain can decode.

Your ears also help keep you balanced. There are three tiny hoops in your ear that have water in them. Tiny hairs send electric messages to your brain when you move your head, so that the muscles can keep you balanced. The water moves when there is constant head movement, which makes you feel dizzy, like on a rollercoaster ride.

Hearing loss can affect multiple areas of your life. Luckily, there are ways to help this problem. Make sure and visit us to have your hearing tested and find out if you have hearing loss, and then take steps to fix it.