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Anywhere you find loud noises, you’ll find folks experiencing hearing issues. People who work or frequent music venues, construction sites, and golf courses are at higher risk for hearing loss. Golf courses? Yes! Strange as it may seem there is enough consistent and loud noise during golf to affect your hearing over time. Are you an avid golfer, or even a weekend golfer? Do you work on a golf course? You may need to get your hearing checked or in the least pay close attention to your hearing.

Now what?

So, now that you know the sweet sound of the driver hitting the ball may cause you hearing issues, what next? Let’s start with what you can do to protect your hearing. First, consider using hearing protection. You have many options when it comes to hearing protection. In ear protection, over the ear protection and many options when it comes to those as well. Here’s a handy list from the cdc on your hearing protection options. Using hearing protection during your game will protect you from damage, and any further damage to your hearing.

Next, you may consider an annual hearing exam. Annual hearing exams are suggested for everyone, but especially those exposed to or working in noisy environments. This will also establish your baseline hearing so you know if it’s declining over time. A hearing professional is the best place to start. Do a bit of research and decide which provider is best for you.

We’re here to help!

If you do find yourself experiencing some hearing loss don’t worry. This is a common problem with environmental noise over time, and often age. There are many options when it comes to restoring any lost hearing. Your local hearing care specialist can perform your annual hearing exam as well as walk you through any options if you’re experiencing loss of hearing. Call today, or click here to make an appointment.

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