Golf and Hearing Loss

Golfer swinging a club and the company logo.

Anywhere you find loud noises, you’ll find folks experiencing hearing issues. People who work or frequent music venues, construction sites, and golf courses are at higher risk for hearing loss. Golf courses? Yes! Strange as it may seem there is enough consistent and loud noise during golf to affect your hearing over time. Are you […]

Balance and Falls

Feet balancing on a log, with company logo.

It may seem like a strange connection, but your balance and your hearing are closely connected. It may be more accurate to say your ears and your balance are closely connected. The inner ear is home to the body’s innate sense of balance. Your balance is dependent on your vestibular system, located in your inner […]

Annual Hearing Tests

Woman in a labcoat with a stethoscope and company logo.

Do I need an annual hearing test? Well, of course you do! Just like an annual check-up with your doctor, a yearly eye exam, twice a year teeth cleanings, prostate exams, and mammograms, your ears deserve the same attention. We can all admit though, sometimes the ears and your hearing are the last thing you […]

Sports and Hearing Devices

Cartoon of two people stretching with company logo.

Many active sportsmen; runners, snowboarders, skiers, mountain climbers, and more wear hearing aids. The most important thing to remember about sports and hearing aids is to always follow your hearing care specialist instructions and maintain the cleanliness of your devices. Wearing hearing aids is safe, but there are a few things to consider if you’re […]

Protection for your hearing, is it important?

Father and son both wearing hearing protection.

Hearing protection is a must for people who live, work, and play in noisy environments. If you don’t use hearing protection you may have to deal with issues like hearing loss and tinnitus. Here, we explore the differences between hearing protection devices. What is a hearing protection device? Hearing protection devices help cover the ears […]

Can weather affect hearing devices?

Logo and text advising to keep your hearing aids out of the heat.

Are you worried about the effect of weather on your hearing device? Are you wondering how to keep your hearing device in good condition? Well, there is no need to worry about it because we have the best tips for keeping your hearing device in good condition and keeping it out of extreme weather conditions. […]

Famous Hearing Aid Users

Hearing loss and the need for hearing aids is quite common, especially as we age. There are a number of famous people who suffer from hearing loss, and use hearing devices to help them hear better. Rob Lowe is known for his many roles in the 80’s such as Billy in St. Elmo’s fire and more […]

Hearing and your Eating Choices

A bowl of healthy foods with the company logo beneath, referencing healthy eating choices.

Are there foods that can have a negative impact on your hearing? Did you know that your eating habits have many influences on your hearing? The food you eat has many effects on your hearing and the foods that can affect your hearing are listed below. 1. Foods that increase blood pressure: The foods that […]

10 Common Causes of Hearing Loss

Man holding his hand up to his ear.

Hearing loss is a condition that can arise at different times in life, for different reasons. It is a common problem in the elderly and children, but can also occur in teenagers and young adults. If you are suffering from hearing loss, then you might feel embarrassed, or frustrated. But don’t worry! There are several […]

At Home Hearing Aid Maintenance

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Hearing aids are an amazing invention. They restore your hearing ability and provide you the sense of sound. They are not only used to improve your hearing but also allow you to communicate with others. Keeping your hearing aids in working order is important to the life of your hearing aids. Hearing aid maintenance is […]

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