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It may seem like a strange connection, but your balance and your hearing are closely connected. It may be more accurate to say your ears and your balance are closely connected. The inner ear is home to the body’s innate sense of balance.

Your balance is dependent on your vestibular system, located in your inner ear. If you want to do a deep dive and read all about your “otolith organs”, your “utricle”, and your “saccule” click and do a deep dive. Here we will chat about your experience with your balance and the importance of maintaining your hearing and your ears.

Balance is a strange thing. Sometimes you may wonder, am I just being clumsy? Maybe you are clumsy, but maybe you are experiencing issues with your sense of balance. If you have noticed you are walking into walls a bit more, maybe accidentally bumping into things you may be having trouble with your equilibrium. A great place to start is recognizing it when it occurs, maybe you jot it down and note the time of day. Is there a pattern? How often are my issues occurring?

If you identify you are having issues with balance the next step is to seek guidance from a health care professional. Maybe you want to go to your primary care physician and get a physical. That’s a great place to start. You may also want to get your hearing and your ears checked. If you are not currently getting an annual hearing test, it’s a great time to start! If you are currently under the care of a hearing professional, book an appointment and set your mind at ease.

Your local hearing care specialist can help you through the process of testing your hearing, addressing any symptoms you’re experiencing, and providing solutions.

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