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Do I need an annual hearing test? Well, of course you do! Just like an annual check-up with your doctor, a yearly eye exam, twice a year teeth cleanings, prostate exams, and mammograms, your ears deserve the same attention. We can all admit though, sometimes the ears and your hearing are the last thing you pay attention to, or get tested.

Most of us have a hearing test as a baby and then pretty much forget about, or neglect our hearing until old age. In an age of self-care and personal advocating for health it’s important to remember your ears and your sense of hearing. You may be doing a little research or reading this article for a parent, but if you’re reading it, and you can’t remember the last time you had your hearing tested, it’s time. It’s time for you to make an appointment with your hearing care specialist, and see where you stand.

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It’s important to establish what’s called your baseline hearing.

This allows your hearing care specialist to compare your hearing over time so if, and, or when loss occurs it’s easy to identify, and therefore navigate. Get your baseline hearing established as soon as you can, this can alleviate issues in the future and pave the way for an easy time if dealing with hearing loss in the future.

Another thing you may want to consider is your environment.

If you work in a factory, shoot guns, play golf, listen to loud music, or are otherwise exposed to a noisy environment this can increase your risk of hearing loss. It’s especially important for someone who is exposed to these types of sounds consistently over time to establish their baseline hearing in order to monitor any hearing loss. If any of these situations or circumstances apply to you an annual hearing test is suggested.

In short…

Yes, you should give your ears the attention they deserve and get an annual hearing test. If you are at a higher risk of hearing loss from, say, working in a loud environment it’s doubly important for you to maintain your hearing, establish a baseline, and get your hearing checked annually.

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